They Said It!

They amuse you, surprise you and some conversations amaze you. There are certain things people around you say that leave a lasting impression on you. The context of the conversation, mostly, makes the words appear philosophical, funny and sometimes stupid. Here are a few of the impressionable words I could instantly remember.  

"Bohot khush lag rahe hai aap?" (you seem to be very happy today)

"Ab kab tak insaan dukhi rahe" ( till one can one keep grieving )
~ When I asked the poorly paid, ill-treated driver of a certain gentleman

"Hum kaun hai pahunchane wale....pahunchata to upar wala hai" (Who are we to help anyone reach's the one above who leads the way)
~ Auto-rickshaw driver on being told to get me to the destination soon enough.

"...but we all choose where we are"
~ A friend while cribbing about his sad state of affairs

"Before marriage I used to party on eggs. I wish my husband allowed me to continue eating eggs" 
~ A very well educated woman working at a senior position in a five-star hotel. [I'd love to hear readers' comments on this one]

"I am sorry I am a little ignorant about India...I have heard a lot about people practicing yoga in your country. So is it like it is something you guys have to do everyday or every weekend?"
~ A senior marketing professional at one of the top hotel chains in Turkey

"A man anywhere in the world wants a woman to say just 5 words: I am not wearing underwear"
A 65 years young man at a highly interesting dinner conversation (in Scotland) amongst people from 6 countries talking about universality of emotions 

"Now when one of the band members asks you do you have any request, you reply saying yes I do but you won't stop singing would you!" 
~An Irish gentleman exhibiting the proverbial Irish sense of humour. 


amit said...

Loved all of them, especially the last one. :)
And the one with eggs got my goat. Education has nothing to do with having a brain, does it?

Purva said...

Certainly not! I was actually waiting for the woman to laugh and say she was kidding.

Sabyasachi Patra | Tales from Wild India said...

Nice ones. The last one was a bit hard on the poor singers. :)

Aarushi said...

Such an interesting read! "I am not wearing underwear" totally takes the cake!!!
And driver bhaiyya ka kya kahein...he has achieved Nirvana I think! :P

Shayan said...

Purva, this sweet and cheeky:)
Only yesterday was I talking to this fried, and she was like "God I am getting marrierrd this November to my pal of 10 year, AND I AM VERY CONFUSED. But guess better that i marry somebody i know than to be tied in an arranged alliance, it scares me even more." And it was summed up with "I am very experimentative!"

Well i wil endorse both...;)

Purva said...

hey Shayan thank you so much! i guess you wanted to post this comment on the above poem.
I endorse none ;)

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