Life in Moments

She sways left, right and left again; shakes her head, moves her leg and smiles. Smiles genuinely – something she hasn’t done in days. She grooves to the music and makes those intriguing eyes, following her, dance to her tunes. The vodka seeps in rhythmically in her system. She sips in some more and lets it blend her with the outside environ. Uninhibited, she feels like she is herself. Funny that which takes you away from the world around you brings you closer to making you feel who or what you are.

But it wasn’t just alcohol that caused the intoxication. The night itself was an intoxicant; or was it those eyes? Her dance moves weren’t meant to impress but to express and converse with those eyes. They seemed impressed nonetheless. His eyes and her smile: that’s all she remembered of the night the next morning. It could have been the beginning of a story had she chosen not to wane away in the crowd when she saw the eyes coming towards her looking for words. Some conversations are best without words. Some stories don’t need a beginning and end. They are complete in an extraordinary moment.


amit said...

Sometimes we meet strangers and imagine our whole life with them and then in the next second we move on, never to meet again.
Yes, that happens.

Purva said...

yes and some of them make for a good story/blog post :-)

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