Marriage: Love ya Arranged?

Marriage toh hai ek suicide
How does it matter what you decide!
Love ho ya ho arranged
Rishta toh yeh hai bilkul strange.
Change ho jaati hai life
When a couple becomes husband and wife.  
Hoti hai jab jab dono ke beech takrar
Window ke baahar jaata hai sara pyaar
Har argument ka ek hi hota hai sach:
“Huh, you have changed so much!”

Arranged marriage mein bas hota nahi comparison
Baki sab kuch hai same, nothing different
Haan gaaliyan padti hai uss source ko
Jisne milwaya tha inn dono ko…
“Had I known, I’d have never got married to you”:
Har fight ke baad this statement stands true!

Love ho jaye ya milwaye koi matrimony site
Dono hi case mein there is risk and fight
Jab consequence dono ka hai same
Toh kya koi mujhe batayega…
Ki iss debate ka kya hai aakhir fayda?
(Only that if you like this poem and vote
Mujhe prize mein kuch toh mil jayega!)
Jokes apart, let me be a little wise 
Raasta koi bhi ho, remember:
Marriage is a bittersweet compromise!

This is an entry for the contest 'Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!' on IndiBlogger in collaboration with Sony Entertainment Channel.  If you think it's worth it please vote here. Check out the facebook page of the serial 'Love Marriage ya Arranged Marraige' here (


satish said...

was fun reading this. wish you great luck for the competition. sambhalna kahi dil mein shadi ki law 'Kindle' na ho jaye :P

nitin said...

good one!

Saru Singhal said...

It is such a fun read and very well written.

All the best!

amit said...

Haha! I too believe that this is a non-issue for a debate. It can go wrong either way.
Hope you win. :)

Purva said...

@satish: haha i love your comment! Thanks :)

@nitin, saru. amit: thank you so much!

Saurabh Chawla said...

nice post :) all the best!!

here have a look at this one too whenever you get time :) do promote on indiblogger also if you like it :)

Purva said...

thanks Saurabh

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