Today's Woman: Sick & Perverted!?

"Today's woman has the freedom of being as sick and perverted as the guys." This is a quote from the movie Just One of the Guys
How many of the reader's agree? Here's the poem: Hey Girl!:

A group of friends were chatting in a public park in the city
Their conversations can be termed as being totally "sick and dirty"

They commented on everyone who passed their way
And stared at them as if their eyes had x-ray!

And then they would go on a fantasy trip
thinking of various ways to seductively strip

Hey do you think this was a bunch of just other men!?
Na, Na these were a group of "sick and perverted" women

A guy who overheard their conversation was totally perplexed
when he heard a girl say - All day I dream about sex.

The guy went home feeling funny that day,
Shocked, with the things he heard them say

But that's the freedom woman of today enjoys
Her thoughts are 'free' just like the boys'

These are reflections of the changing times
No more will SHE live in the superficial confines!

She can talk 'whatever' is on her mind...
What she should not no one can define

What was a 'natural' behaviour for guys till yesterday absolutely fine for the women of today

Today, she can be sexy, naughty and bitchy
She is absolutely cool with her sexuality....

Erotica, lust, desire and the sex toys-
these are no more just the territories of boys

As women have the freedom to be as sick & perverted as guys

Acceptance of this fact has already begun
...After all why should boys have all the fun!


Surendran said...

hmmm... yeah u bet. everybody, be it a boy or a girl, have the freedom to think about just anything and everything. After all, freedom of thought and expression is an essential part of a democracy and it is deeply rooted in our history.

but the way one expresses it, with or without bothering others, is what differentiates the so called sick and perverted and others.. atleast this is what i believe

Rajeev said...

LOL!! Yeah rite!!
After all why shud boys have all the fun! ;)
btw Im happy to see them this way !!
nice blog buddy!! :)
thanx for visitin mine! :)
mind if i link ur blog?

peace & love

zorba said...

very well said

Anonymous said...

Haha!!!well written and right too, :)!

Sumeshwer said...

lol...very well eye sparkling expression of a lot of serious stuff!!

Me said...

I'm not a feminist but somewhere close. And I love this poem. No, I love the freedom to not be what women are expected to be. I'd also love the freedom to exercise that freedom more often!

Ankit Gupta said...

hee hee...u seem to be having revenge with the MALEKIND...sarcasm of high degree wriiten with utmost simplicity

hey, let me say two things -
firstly, u made the heading too strong...i dunno anybdy will agree u saying all women being sick n perverted :(

secondly, create a scene...a girl boards a bus, asks a boy with fractured foot to stand since he was sitting at 'LADIES seats' (not meant for girls) thts where u can sick, etc


wht u hav mentioned is all correct...a cause for eve teasing, all starts like this

NICE topic ;)

purvabhatia said...

@ Ankit

finally someone understood it is sarcasm!!! Believe you me I was sure only you'd see it that way!!

The heading isn't a's a question mark

let's not talk about instances of being "sick" here... cause going by the sarcastic tone it could go on like forever!!!

thanks for your words waise. I am grateful you took time to put the comment here this time!!! :)

Word Life said...

lolz if u think all guys r the same...

"As women have the freedom to be as sick & perverted as guys"


I liked ur last line...

"Acceptance of this fact has already begun
...After all why should boys have all the fun!"

- Sammy D

purvabhatia said...

yeah yeah I believe you Sammy! :)

Nishi said...

Well said! :)

Am linking you on my blog! :)

Krutika said...

Hi purva! nice one
we women can be liberating but not cheap.though there are some exceptions...we could never compete men in being pervert..thats for sure!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

"A guy who overheard their conversation was totally perplexed
when he heard a girl say - All day I dream about sex."

Perhaps she was singing "A.D.I.D.A.S." by Korn. That's how the lyrics go anyway.

Holy Growl said...

when they said it rode all the time on men's mind, it seemed like an exaggeration...and now when the same is said for women, it also seems untrue, some might be really into it, some might be faking it to be a part of a group, others might be laughing out a lot on such topics, such people are non-commital.

Here most of the people say dats its ok for women to have developed that kind of an orientation, they obviously dont mean that its ok for women to have developed 'sick' kind of an orientation, otherwise it would mean that men have been having this 'sick' orientation since the history of history. So lets replace 'sick' with words like open or liberal or more vocal or experimentative or active.

The deserving gender for the title of perverts are still men. congratulations. paedophiles, moninder singh pandhers, surender kohlis, rapists, murderers, serial killers, ethnic cleansers, osamas, saddams, women dont fly aeroplanes in the World trade centres, have outperformed women by a mind-boggling margin when it comes to perversion. Men dont feel fear taking a stroll in the park or lakeside in a star-lit quiet night, women do...and if they still take risks..they are foolhardy, inviting. NO Sir, lets not call each other by demeaning names. Thats not fair.

purvabhatia said...

@ Holy Growl

I really appreciate your comments for the post. Well, read the poem once between the lines this time. It is meant to be a sarcastic comment.

It is not meant to offend either of the sexes...but just a comment on the general (universally accepted) saying that guys are sick and perverted...

Incidentally, this is a comment is from a movie -"Just one of the guys" released in 1985

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aseem said...

oh shit!!!
i am cool is tat?
beautifully constructed!

Harshdeep said...

Interesting post. Freedom to be sick and perverted - that's an important one :)

Pavalamani said...

I am very much disturbed, concerned about present day notions of gender equality! Wither modern girls? What do you aspire to achieve? Do you realise you have unique characteristics, functions, purpose, dignity & identity? Are you not grossly misguided by pseudo liberation trends, losing whatever is precious, exclusively yours to cherish & preserve?

voice of 'me' said...

Good one!

No offense, but a simple observation - why should we distinguish between a girl and boy again ? I feel a bad talk is bad for everyone. Unfortunately we all enjoy this unwanted freedom !!

The Acid Tongue said...

kya yaar!
ek hi to territory bachi thi hum guys ki [:p]

and and and
Erotica, lust, desire and the sex toys-
these are no more just the territories of boys
its okay till the lust and desire part, but toys /:) ?????
with all info that i have, girls always outdid us guys in that department, thankfully.
NATURAL is the way to go lolz
i can

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