My life is full of dreams,
Albeit with doubts around
I am the thunder that has no sound...

I am the star that
doesn't always shine
I have no wings
But I dream of flying

I know the way,
But cannot lead...
I am the wave
That wouldn't recede

I believe in destiny
But deny fate
I am the sunshine
That'd never fade

I am fire
I am ice
I am frown
I am smile

And I smile with tear in my eye
I am the truth born as a lie
I am black, I am white
I am winter on a summer night

I am fact...I am fiction
I am my own contradiction.


Abhinav said...

hmmm .. paradox indeed. but i guess thats how we all are.. isnt?

Rajan Bhayana said...

The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves. ;)

Sonador-The dreamer said...

only one thing to impress me're good

Atul Vishwanathan said...

nice poem... where did you find it? ha ha.. i mean where did you find the inspiration?

Purva said...

Yo abhinav! everyone's a paradox...depends on how much we realise it and what do we do with it

Purva said...

so rajan are you wise enough to contradict yourself? :)

Purva said...

Thanks paffett!
And AV thanks for the subtle compliment

krishna said...

hey long time after reading ur blog, very nice stuff

really like this post :)

rovinroustabout said...

unfortunately I am not billy joel…….

Shubham said...

I like the imagery, beautiful in its honesty, especially "I am the thunder that has no sound"...beautiful!

Rajan Bhayana said...

I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.

Dream'R said...

wow...thats some poem. The content might deal with contradictions but there is no contradicting the quality of your work...quite nice yaar..quite nice indeed.


DPhatsez said...


I love the pic! and "i am the thunder that has no sound" bit.

Are you gemini? :)

btw new post up at my blog.

kanika said...

nice one ! with "i am my own contradiction", u struck bingo ! :)

Purva said...

M typical piscean, Dphatez :)
Thanks Kanika

Mujtaba Ariz Khan said...

bravo....beautifully come you never fail to produce a fine should write a book someday

sanjay vyas said...

your words highlight the contradictions of life yet show the underlying oneness beautifully.

Purva said...

I shallwrite a book someday... Mr Khan :)
Thanks for the appreciation

Meghaa said...

wow amazing.... so true... i like the way u write true things

Prit said...

Hello purva..I reached ur a recommandation frm one of a is feels good and connected when u transfer ur innerself on to the paper...indeed its all Fiction yet..Fact...(Personally I like fiction!)
Take care..n keep blogging..


Ramesh said...

Your poems are vey good.
Try posting your poems at to get real critical acclaims from the literary experts there.

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