Mr Love V/s Mr Arranged

Read it as an act where 'Love' and 'Arranged' are two characters: 

This is the story of Love and Arranged, who were about to get estranged
Over a fight between the brothers on who was better than the other;
Who, of the two, had the greater finesse…to make marriage a success?

The relationship was about to dent…as began the argument:

Love said: I must be better as to me everyone is so kind…
Arranged mocked: “Ha ha! Idiot that’s because you are blind!”

Love: Still, I am most important of all!
Arranged: Without me everything will fall

Love: With me comes ease and familiarity
Arranged: I bring newness and novelty

Love: I have tales, stories and history
Arranged: Yawn! Nothing like my mystery!

…Adding to everyone’s confusion, the debate went on without any conclusion.
Irked by all the noise, an old man then advised: “Separate the two, throw some challenges;
whoever survives, will be adjudged better”

Days went by…everyone could hear them both cry
Arranged suffered as he had no Love for company,
Love couldn’t do much without Arranged’s philosophy.

The old main then called them both and said
it isn’t a question of who is better
It’s about your principles working together;
a marriage will have a happy end
If there’s some arrangement in the story of love,
and love in the whole arrangement!

This is my second entry for the contest 'Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!' on IndiBlogger in collaboration with Sony Entertainment Channel. Check out the facebook page of the serial 'Love Marriage ya Arranged Marraige' here (


Nirvana said...

This is without doubt the crispest, yet the most insightful post I have read in this topic! You have used so much creativity in portraying the two characters - superb!! All the best - you'd deserve it completely if you won!

Will be an honor to have you over at my blog :

Purva said...

Thank you so much...that's encouraging :)
all the best to you too!

Deep Sea said...

Very nice post and an amusing poem for sure :)

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