She Defines Freedom

Ah! the smell of the book ordered through a coupon won in a contest ;-) A few days from Independence Day, this blog called A Lot of Pages had an interesting post asking its readers about the character that has inspired the sense of freedom in them:

"Independence / Freedom has always been an integral part of human need and desire at times. We all have been in situations where we felt really free  or the contrary. Many people make us jealous with their freedom ( and of course the cause differs for us all ) . so today I want to know from you all , one book / character from any book whose freedom you wish for ? any character who inspired the sense of freedom or to be independent in you ..

And .. the answer i love the most would win a gift coupon of flipkart from my side."

Here's what I feel:

Everyone who has read The Fountainhead would name Howard Roark for this one. Unsurprisingly, that was the most common answer in the comments.

So, the second character that best personifies freedom is Maya from Ijjazat. I have seen the movie 'n' number of times but read its book version only recently (so I am assumed it qualified for this post). A brilliantly sketched character, Maya lived life on her own terms. Free in the true sense of the word, she did not let the shackles of society bind her. She did not believe in labelling relationships. Nothing could confine. No one could 'own' her. Carefree, she breathed every single moment according to her own will. She only allowed death to take away her right to do so. One of the most intriguing characters from the books I have read, Maya epitomizes freedom.

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