Goodbye June Moon

It's half-past 2010. Did half the year pass too soon? Or is the second half coming a little slow? I am not sure. There were days, in this year, that I wouldn't want to remember; there are days I would never forget. I managed traveling as per my plans. Scotland happened this very year. But I am still far away from most of the resolutions I made at the twilight of 2009...and I'd say it's the afternoon of 2010 now.

The morning of this year was fine -- promising and fresh. Would say it's been a chirpy morning. I am not an afternoon person. Little wonder then, this phase of the year, doesn't seem very bright to me. But I am hopeful of a pleasant evening for 2010.
The summer of '10 seems to be knowing no end. It's been awefully hot this year...and doesn't look like rain gods are in a mood for mercy anytime soon. Although, we were blessed with the sight of some grey clouds today...but I feel they (the rain gods) are just humouring us.

FB and other social networking sites have become an integral part of lives this year. Twitter updates have landed people in mess. FB updates tell you more about your near ones than their real presence themselves. Consider this: I took a week off from work but did not put any updates since I wanted to cut myself off in that week. When I came back, a colleague was surprised to know about my break. When I asked him that did he not notice my absence from office...his prompt reply was: "No...because there weren't any updates on FB".

Of course, this part of 2010 is immortal...thanks to FIFA World Cup. "When I get older I will be stronger" and "Waka Waka" are melodious remembrances of 2010!

There's lot more...but I'd now rather see the June moon fading away...marking the end of fabulous two quarters. Hello July! I smell a new beginning...

Pic courtesy: Anuj Sharma


Syeda Zehra said...

Thanks for dropping at my blog,
I really liked your blog and now you definitely have anew follower.

Purva said...

thanks a ton syeda!

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