How real is your virtual personality?

Can you judge a person from her/his writing? Does this blog give you an estimation of my real personality? Is it possible to have a separate real and virtual personality?

I was amused, yet another time, when an acquaintance announced his verdict about my personality purely on the basis of my style of writing. We haven't met ever or spoken much. I was more amused when another acquaintance made a much bigger claim on my emotional being through my blogs.

Ridiculous...I thought. But I don't discard the observations completely and I wonder
how much can this blog say about me. Does it convey my real world personality or am I subjected to being judged by my virtual one reflected through this space? Can these be different at all? If not, then how come Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes...was not a great rational personality himself. He believed in fairy tales and occultism.

Sure, the recurring themes can say about the way you think. And I agree, it is difficult to keep 'yourself' completely apart even if you are writing a fictional piece. But how good is this the indicator of your entire personality or character?

Handwriting does tell a lot to a large extent. The logic there is that your 'ego' is active when you are writing though the degree varies. But a writer might be taking a refuge in his/her style of writing. It's like purposely having a different virtual personality. Being something you are not to the real world. Isn't that the reason 'cool_gal', 'handsome_boy' or 'crazy_xyz' very common email ids...especially of people who have totally contrasting characters otherwise?

It'd be fun to analyze fellow bloggers and get a check on the observation! :)


Ria said...

A blog does show some character...but i cant say that i can judge someone on the basis of their blog. Its jus a reflection of one's thought.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and i really like ur template. :)

JK said...

Hello Purva,

Good to see you are still blogging even after being in a job. I've been on and off on your blog and I really find your posts interesting. Especially the poems you come up with. I'm not sure if you remember visiting my blog back in 2007 and yeh I've not been blogging much after that.


Purva said...

hey Jay! thank u so much... how have u been?

Gautam Anand said...

ya .. some relevant questions raised !! thought provoking.. but i wud say a blog which has posts relating simple day to day affairs does reveal a lot abt the person..
but a blog consisting of fictional stories or poems.. can't reveal much

In b/w Inviting u to comment on my new post ..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hi purva! really thought provoking post! i write with a psuedoname, but i know i am spilling myself completely on my blog. its difficult to keep ur real self away. and i feel the morehonest u r the better accpetance u have, as u show the black, white and grey of ur being a human. in personal blogs, u should not be writing if u intend to hide a lot abt ur perosnality. loved ur post! folloeing u!

Pranab said...

nice one.. and it is true that the presentation itself says about the personality..and u stand apart from many..
cheers :-)

Ruminating Optimist said...

Wonderful words once again Purva! Yes, I believe a personal blog is a reflection of who the person is, what he / she likes to think about, how he reacts to certain situations.

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