Fishes Don't Cry

There's something healing about water;
Something about it's seamless flow,
That takes all your restlessness away
And tells you to let go...

Deep underwater,
You can hear no voice;
There is no noise,
'Tis only...silence that flows

There's something peaceful about water
Something remedial in the deep blue world,
A sense of calm in its wave;
A lesson of merriment in its swirls

It must be therapy in itself
That soothes the mind and the eye,
And that must be why fishes don't cry.


Apurva Bakshi said...

Trust a piscean to write an ode to water, serenity and the fish!! Well-thought Purva!!

Meghaa said...

this is amazing and it reminds me of my underwater walking experience... it is as beautiful and fantabulous

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