Conversations with Nature


Hey pretty one, do you know they call you fungus?

Complex, deep, mysterious -- what are you...A woman's mind?

Keep your feet firmly on the ground, spread your hands, dream high...and reach out to the infinite blue sky...

Roads and life often twist, turn and bend...sometimes to shock you...sometimes to surprise you with destination unknown and journeys unexpected

"They call it lonely, depression-inducing, barren tree; we call it home." 

Texts n photographs by Purva!


Apurva said...

Good to have stumbled upon your blog Purva. You are an amazing thinker. The pictures are so cool, and the captions are so damn incisive.

Have also left my comments for two of your poems: the one about heartaches and the other about the 'heartache', pls do read them as well.

All the best, and take care!!

Purva said...

Thank you so much...that's very encouraging!

Meghaa said...

nice one...takes to another world... a different outlook

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