It ended even before it began...

Wondering what it was
Wondering what it is
There's a lot of doubt
May be this is something
You'd just laugh about

Wondering what's happening
Wondering what happened
Who is to be blamed
Perhaps for you,
It was all just a game.

Wondering why it started
Wondering why did it end
May be it was all for a season
Or it ended for a reason...

Wondering if you ever wonder
Wondering if you even bother...
About all the broken ties.
I'm certain you don't
How would you?
You...who're so full of lies.

May be that's why it doesn't hurt
I could forget it as a blunder
But I shall call it all an accident
This verse shall be the funeral
And be the last time I'd wonder.


Simply Surbhi ! said...

Hmm..alls well that ends in for the good, you are made for much better things!

Apurva said...

This in an awesome poem!! PRACTICAL yet interesting and rare combination. APPLAUSE!!!

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