RIP Dear Friend

Dear Krishna,
There was something about your aura that had caught my attention when I met you for the first time. A new chapter was to begin for you, me and Sakshi. How enthusiastic and sanguine we all were for the new beginning. Though things were bright initially, we soon realized they did not match our dreams and expectations. But those times brought all of us together. How much ever we cribbed you stood like a wall of positivity for all of us.
You hated things more than any of us did but no one could ever say so. Your vigour for things above those trivial matters overshadowed all the pessimism. I admired that quality in you the most.
What I also admired was your go-getter spirit. You did what you had to do no matter what the world felt about that. I remember you cycling to work just because you felt like cycling those days. It was fun riding that cycle of yours. I thank you for those little moments of joy.
I also thank you for always encouraging me… Your words of appreciation for some posts in this very blog motivated me a lot. Thank you also for partnering my travel dreams. My Karnataka trip was unforgettable a lot because of your planning. I shared with you my long list of dream destinations. You did so too. But hey you never told me a trip to heaven was on your list…so soon. It’s unfair!
It’s unfair that you who never wished ill for anyone had to go so soon. Even as I write this, I can hear your idiosyncratic tone and see that warm smile declaring that you are so content. I hope you are…I hope you are as lively wherever you are now as you were here.
It will take me time to accept this painful truth. You may not exist physically anymore but your attitude towards life is a lesson. I shall try to live by your rules – crib less, dream more; follow your heart, travel and most importantly live…every day…every moment.
I wish I could post this letter to you to let you know how much I have admired your zeal for life. I have always valued your words of encouragement whether for writing or for traveling. You will be remembered always… RIP

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