Bring down the walls

Open the closed doors,
Break the locks.
Set your egos free
Forget the past. 
Let some light in &
Let go the darkness
Of minds and hearts.
Find the love
That we've lost.
Live for today and
Give each other a chance  
Don't you remember?
This house was home once.


Raajii said...

ah - so true. Very beautifully put :-)

Purva said...

thanks raajii :)

Laxmi said...

Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

Kalyan said...

lovely lines...nicely crafted words!

Praful Agarwal said...

This is a topic that is close to my heart... Cheers!

Purva said...

That's sad @Praful. home should always remain home! :)

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