The Sky's the Limit

Imagine: Floating high up in the air...hands let loose and looking at the world below from the top. It's a very 'birdie' feeling.

Though para-sailing over water is lot more ecstatic, it is equally adventurous over land. And before you start getting apprehensive with the thought of being suspended in the air…it is important to understand the difference between parasailing and paragliding. To bring some relief to non-impulsive adventurers and be put simply, parasailing is a passive activity while paragliding is an active one where you are required to control the wings and are technically the pilot.

Parasailing, on the other hand is a relatively simpler and equally if not more fun. Parasailing can be terrestrial or an aquatic one, with a jeep usually being used on ground and a motorboat used in water. The sailor is strapped into a harness, which is attached to the parasail and a jeep tows the parasail with approximately 100-metre rope.

All you need to do is take a few swift steps. As the jeep moves forward the parasail gains lift, which makes it ascend. And before you let your fears get better of you...things start looking up! You soon find yourself high above the ground. If you are able to control your fears, the best thing to do is let your arms loose and experience the joy of flying. Trust simple physics rules to stay airborne till the vehicle stops and the air pressure inside the parasail eases off. You have to compose yourself to ensure a safe landing.

If New Zealand or Malaysia come to your mind as you think of parasailing then come closer home. And if you still think of the popular destinations like Goa and Bangalore…then come closer still to the National Capital Region. Kanwarsika just about 35 kms from Gurgaon is your destination for a refreshing adventurous weekend.

While there are a lot of organizers we chose ‘i Rove Adventure Foundation’ for arranging the activity for us. You require a minimum of 10 people in a group for the activity to be arranged. The cost is charged lump sum and not per head but roughly comes to around Rs 450 per head if you are a group of 15 people.

The difference in exotic locales of destinations like New Zealand might perhaps lie in the picturesque view they’d offer. Kanwarsika, on the other hand, has nothing to offer but a huge piece of barren land with nothing else in sight. So when you are up…up and away it is the uplifting experience you completely focus on!

The height at which you go above depends a lot on the length of the rope and wind conditions apart from your body weight. On the day of your activity, check the weather report and avoid weather conditions like rain, fog or an approaching storm—these naturally increase your chances for a parasailing accident.


Meghaa said...

Wonderful... and reading this made me fly once again :)

Abhinav said...

Great .. reminded me of my first para-sailing over Andaman sea in Malaysia .. and if someone is more adventurous you can let ur harness go and feel the excitement jumping in the middle of ocean with/wihtout life jacket. Not advisable unless ur crazy like me :D

atul dalal said...

Thank You for your Patronage.
Mire or less the essentials are coverd ib this crisp artilce.

Your band and especially you came across as an avid adventure enthusiast.It was nice Hosting you and the wind Gods were rather pleased on day of the activity.

Your flair for adventure and writing is Par Excellence.

Thank you so much and i'll keep any eye for further posts.

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