Adieu 2009!

...And we bid you adieu! Goodbye 2009.

As I sit and ponder, there's nothing extra-ordinary that I can think of about this year. Yet there is something so remarkable that it still makes 2009 a memorable year. Experiences, moments, emotions, desires -- whether good, bad or ugly -- make this year (like every year) unique.

Met some new people...had to let go for some old ones. Some dreams shattered but paved way for new ones. New ideas replaced old doubts. New roads welcomed me. Couldn't take some journeys...but that's perhaps what 2010 is coming for. Or may be those paths are meant not to be trodden upon.

I feel a year stronger, livelier, energetic and better. In all 2009 has given me more than what it has taken.

Here's a little glimpse of my 2009...

1. Smiles...and a lot of 'em

2. Roads Taken

Jim Corbett
Jammu - Vaishno Devi

3. Thumbs Up for:

Parasailing and organising the trip
Studying n taking M.A. English exams
Making a short documentary
The quirky hair cut!
Travelling over 150 kms for Rajma Chawal
Getting driving license
Watching early morning movie show (after a late night show)

Don't want to write about the bad moments. Hope 2010 gives me a lot more things to write about. What's your 2009 story?


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i hope the coming year bring wonderful things your way :-)

Indrajit said...

cheers to your spirited life and new yr.

Purva said...

thank u n same to u!

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