Wheel of Time

It was her first bicycle. She didn't even know how to ride one but that couldn't take away the joy she felt in owning it.

It wasn't difficult to fall in love with the suave blue beauty that added speed to the experience of being a nature's spectator. She had never before felt wind on her face. She loved it so much that we would jump at every opportunity for experiencing it again. Competition with her little companions, getting bread and eggs from market early morning or curd when sun was at its peak. Everything was so much fun...And then she outgrew it one day.

There was no point buying another one. She could rather go for car in sometime now, she was told. She agreed being anyway busy with other 'first' things in life. But there was an unfinished desire to live that experience a tad more. That desire still lives in her.

There are several such longings you keep curbing giving some justification or none. You are helpless sometimes and learn to seed those desires in some corner of your heart hoping you'd forget about them some day.

And suddenly one day you get an opportunity out of nowhere, to just go for it. And you feel complete somewhere...She too got a chance today. She felt that joy. Her friend brought a new cycle for himself. She had time, a cycle and open space to feel wind on her face just as she did many moons ago.

It's not so much about having to ride a cycle again but about letting out those seeds. Waking up those desires and making them come alive. It's then when you feel a sense of achievement and joy that has no substitute.


krishna tirumal kumar said...

dude get a cycle soon , we can start our own club


krishna tirumal kumar said...

get a cycle asap .
We will start our own club

Vinnie said...

:) beautiful!
the best things in lfe r free or quite cheap:)
go get a cycle soon...

btw, thanks for visiting my blog

sawan said...

wow, nice way of describing those moments and emotions! beautifully written!

Purva said...

thanks...sawan, vinnie n Krishna TK :)

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