Best of 2008....

It started like a pleasant dream in my eyes and ended even before I could feel fully awake. 2008 was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was a collection of wonderful moments...some of which will be remembered for a long time. The year will be forgotten but experiences will linger and slowly become a part of me. I thought of listing some of those here:

Top 2008 Experiences:

1) Taking off! Sitting in an airplane for the first time...
2) Walking in boulevards of Stockholm, getting lost there admiring colours of fall and being on my own...ahh
3) Clicking pictures with my Sony Cybershot
4) TSJ Convocation
5) Re-union with friends from Ahmedabad and trip to Ludhiyana
6) Seeing mom getting her first book published
7) Looking pretty at a certain office-party...hehe
8) Unexpected shift in job
9) Discovering that I am not such a bad dancer after all
10) Abstract conversations
Good Books I read in 2008:

a) Memoirs of a Geisha
b) Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl
c) Kahlil Gibran
d) A Bridge Across Forever
e) Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Good Movies I watched in 2008:

i) The Fountain
ii) Rock On
iii) Final Destination I, II, III
iv) Dostana
v) Mona Lisa Smile
vi) Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
vii) Madagascar

Shall add some more...Eagerly waiting for many more beautiful moments to paint my 2009 with brighter colours....Happy 2009 n Happy Living!


mou said...

hi :)...thanks for dropping by...

went through your blogs...liked the way you express...especially the post about ahmedabad...and 'feels like', straight from the heart, it's lovely...

merry Christmas and wish you a very happy new year in advance...

Sarah Rahman said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving your valuable comments on my blog, Purva :)

I enjoyed reading the post. It made me wonder if what shall I enlist as the memorable moments of my life for the year 2008 :)

Happy New Year in advance!

Take care and stay blessed.

vaibhav said...

was jst wandering by and read ur latest post..Liked it... more over it gave me the topic for my next post :)

have nice year ahead..

Pensativo said...

happy new year..your book list seems pretty similar what I had in 2006 except memoirs of geisha list..are you sure of these movies ? haha..just kidding..its just matter of choices :)

Purva said...

you dont need to thank me for visiting your blogs!
thanks for your comments though...

matter of choices, pensativo :)

krishna tirumal kumar said...

hey nice , cheers for more years to come

Ghost Particle said...

hello Purva, thank you for stopping by...wish to see you more often, and I will be at you blog(s) more often. very good writings (i wont understand the Hindi writings, but the pictures explains alot :) ).

here's to a great and memorable 09

happy new year

thank you.

Purva said...

Thanks Krishna CTK :)
Ghost Particle...thanks n welcome :)
I do not have too many hindi posts anyways :)

Anurag said...

U prolly one of the few lucky ones who had a grt 2008...even I had some wonderful moments ....

Hope u hv a wonderful 2009 :)

Dan* said...

nice post :)

well i don't read books :D

abt movies i watched

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

and no common in experience :D

Purva said...

Yup Anurag, I thank God for that.
Thanks Dan

Iya said...

Hi Purva, thanks for ur comment on my blog..
nice list u have there..
wish u amny such nice moments in 2009 too..
will come back for more reading..

Ps- did u notice that we share the same sir name?

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