Fiery Shades of Fall

Strolling on stony streets
Mind full of rocky dreams
Thousand doubts in my mind
No way I see, only bars I find

Autumn sky is dark and gray
Taking my light far away
Dying leaves sadden me
They'd leave behind barren tree

Until thy beauty I behold
And let you make me your own
With your touch and divine embrace
I see the beauty in your grace

Your glory filled my soul
And your love made me whole
No stones I see
No doubts blind me

When beauty marries peace
Silence hears what silence speaks
There are messages in fallen leaves
Love will not let trees die
They'd rather help a poet write
And make a painter's work worthwhile


Dan* said...

nice one !

the last stanza was just too gud :)vpm

Purva said...

@ dan

Anonymous said...

'When beauty marries peace
Silence hears what silence speaks'

these lines gave me emmence joy...great attempt

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