There's silence
in scared air
several unanswered questions
And there is Me....

There's dusk
closing day's eyes
many undone promises
And there is Me....

There's moon
sitting alone
blurred sky
of your love
And there is Me...

Dawn's here.
Morning star
shines on
the dew on grass;
There is mist
engulfing my view
...And there is me
still waiting for you


Nishi said...

Wow.. This one is amazing :)

Alok said...

Beautiful words and equally beautiful picture selection. True to my understanding, if the light of hope burns inside the life moves on to next without actually realizing the time and effort we have put, and I see a different power there.

mayz said...

**There's silence
in scared air

d air whispers its fears into ur ear...d breeze passes it shivers onto u...

**There's moon...
...of your love

totally love d description in dis verse...

d confusion wid every decision...d doubt wid every look...d wait while watchin from a rain drenched window

**And there is me
still waiting for you

ah d eternal wait...even when dat "you" is sittin right nxt to us

great post!!! will b back for more :)

Sachi said...

b'ful!!!N so true..
Hope is all that we have..

wise man terrible flautist said...

Poetess...Close your eyes. Do you love him (in your heart). If you do you should call him (from your phone) to meet (in a garden).

Shailesh Jamloki said...

thats really good translation.. of your Ranju's hindi poem..

I must appreciate ...

Keep writing,.,..


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