'Hmm' is a lazy word

'Haha' is a pleasant word

'Always' & 'Forever' are cheat words

'Boohoo' is word looking for sympathy

'Ohk' is a tired word

'LoL' is a word forcibly made happy

'Mist' is a pure word

'What' is a demanding word

'Chuckling' is a mischievous word

Note: If this makes any sense to you and you feel words have characterstics then feel free to contribute to the list. Btw 'free' is a ......


Alok said...

‘meaningless’ is a word associated with a meaning .

‘why’ is a word tells someone is lost.

‘happy’ is a word say it more

And there are countless words :)

Anonymous said...

'Trust' is a non-existent word
'Humanity' is an unbelievable word
'Friendship' is a make-believe word
'Love' is an overrated word
'Committment' is a convenient word.

xheavenlyx said...

Oh my god! Absolutely right about the "ohk". I use that many times and it basically says, "I am bored, change the subject."

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