Caged under the Open Sky

The truth to me is not unknown
Cobwebs in my mind are my own
My own rules confine me
Many notions blind me
I refuse to see the sky you do
I do not fly like you...
No, no bars cage me
Only inhibitions bind me

...But that is how I was meant to be

I say this is what I am --
With no wishes to fly
You say I am nothing but
Caged under the open sky....


Nitu said...

The truth to me is not unknown
Cobwebs in my mind are my own

Brilliant words. So many times we are prisoner of our own inhibition, handicapped by our own imposition. However, don't you think the wings inside a cage need to flap too?

Viraj said...

NIce poem...n ya thts is because of the limitations tht v put on ourselves that v r left behind...and more often than not, the person knows his mistakes n still commits them repeatedly.

btw, i hav added u to my recommended bloglist.

Anonymous said...

"creative people don't sit idle."
hope to see many more articles from you.

Anonymous said...

no new article. :(
but the blog layout is really good. :)

see this happens when a 'cerative' mind is not idle any more. :D
Hope to c ur best soon.

Ankit Gupta said...

brilliant absolutely brilliant
now words less...
feeling after the read - "all i want to be free"

n nice template

keep blogging

Anonymous said...

You have rightly put across the point ...the greatest battle is within oneself...

But i believe challenging oneself gives ultimate high than anything else...hopefully u will get rid of ur inhibitions soon.

Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of comment when it require blogger approval.Don't we live in a democratic set up and virtual world is more democratic than any other set up. Censoring the content will not serve the purpose and i think one should be open for all kinds of comments, except the ones which are derrogatory or obscene.
But one can always delete them...
It is just an opinion which will agin require ur prior approval before it goes public.

purvabhatia said...

@ nitu
sure they do....but what when you've caught yourself in the cage?


apparently, you've really been waiting for me to write i know you?

Nitu said...

I still try to flap..may be in a very restrictive manner. But I do so.. bcoz one day when the cage will b gone, I don't want to forget how to flutter and fly in the vast open sky. Yeah, I am optimistic at heart.

absar said...

the word inhibition has more complexity attached to it then to negativity atached to it...but i liked the way u have penned down the pain of having a open sky but not having the wings to fly....

i also blog but not a avid and quality blogger like u jus a impulsive writer whoes writing revolves around knowing n unknowing him

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