Disenchanted lives

Our phone buzzes with texts and whats app messages all day
Catching-up and how-are-you-calls far and few in between
When did we start getting lazy about relationships?

We pay huge bills at restaurants knowing we are overpaying
But do not donate not believing if "it will reach the right place"
When did we start misplacing our principles?

We dream of exploring places and seeing people far off
Having no clue of who lives next door...
When did we become more pretentious and less curious?

We were fascinated when one told us they travelled abroad
We now envy the updates and photographs on social networks
When did other's joy start making us feel bad about ourselves?

'Fights' were only in parks playing those fun games
Kins now threaten each other and go to the courts
Why did the fights grow even as issues got pettier?

Life is busier now and times have really changed
We are aware and life goes on, we say...
But how did we let ourselves be indifferent to this change?


Tomichan Matheikal said...

We live in such a sad world and yet claim to be happy because we have the multiplexes and shopping malls.

Purva said...

so true!

Team BlogAdda said...

This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

Purva said...

Supper!! Thank you so much Team BlogAdda!

Ruminating Optimist said...

Wonderful lines Purva. So true on every aspect you have covered.

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