The Picture of You

The young sapling is now almost a tree;
White pages of the book are now yellow. 
The restaurant is no longer there and 
They've stopped playing the song on radio.

Time touched and changed everything, 
but never his picture in my imagination. 
What if...... I always wonder.

I drive back into the past quite often,
To meet him & look at his sparkling eyes. 
I admire that loving ever-smiling face,
the brimming confidence and an achiever's pace.

He left me but his memories stayed 
And I made peace with it 
Until this day...

Blankness rules his blue eyes now, 
Smile appears like a guest on his face. 
Stress has perhaps aged him sooner, 
and has slowed down his walking pace. 

True time touches and changes everything 
and finally his picture in my imagination. 
What if....... I now wonder.


Raajii said...

Aww...this is so sad and so beautiful.

Purva said...

thank you Raaji :)

jahid said...

Very well written. Old days were so much fun!


Fatima said...

Beautiful is the word.

Take Care

Meghaa said...

very nice and touching

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