Is this your nose?

Ya, this it your nose? Well it's rotting here in my business - that of whether I am dating anyone or single. I understand your life is very boring and dull but rest assured this conversation will not give you any entertainment. But you wouldn't listen now, would you? Go ahead...

(Single girls will be familiar with the pattern of these conversations. It's the same, always. In fact, it is so predictable that you feel like carrying a printout of the questions and your answers to save the trouble. I heard it. Here goes... Feel free to add. And non-single people who identify with these're also free to add more.)

"So how come you don't have a boyfriend?"

(How come you have one?)

Ans: Just... haven't found the right guy. 

"I don't believe someone like you doesn't have a boyfriend."
(Seriously, what is it supposed to mean? Please please explain.)

Ans: *smiles* (Now is this a compliment or an insult?) 

"So you've never been in a relationship?" 
'Yes, I have been' - [This answer calls for a detailed explanation of everything: how it started, what all happened, how and why it ended. And if you are talking about more than one relationship then order some lunch please.]
'No, never' - [This answer invites even bigger trouble. With this answer you are in for a long psychiatric session...but don't worry, it's free of cost. You'll suddenly see a lot of sympathy in the eyes of your 'well-wisher'. The following day or days after (depending on how proactive s/he is) there will be attempts to fix you up with someone.]

"There's no one in your office?"
No...nobody even worth talking about. [I should have checked that before joining no? Or at least negotiated about, I shall join only if there is at least one date-able guy in your organisation]

"So what is your kind of guy? What type of guy do you want?"
  Now we are talking! You little b****, didn't tell me there is a factory where they can create certain kinds and types of boyfriends and the sweetheart that you are, you are going to get one for me...No?? then please (I shall be polite here) mind your business. Thank you.


Tushar said...


Raajii said...

Let's take it one step further: if the girl is single, she is prude, if she is seeing men, she's a slut.

We, as women, have such a long way to go :(

Purva said...

that is, sadly, so true Raaji!

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