In awe of Istanbul

I don't remember how and when the fascination for Istanbul began and why it came into my list of 'Must Visit Destinations'. Whenever I was asked to name one place I wish to travel to, Istanbul has always been the prompt reply. I read books on Istanbul; glared at photos of the city in magazines; and just dreamt of standing in front of the Blue Mosque. Call it dramatic but it seemed like there was some voice calling me to Bosphorous and this fascinating mosque. 
The Blue Mosque (Pic taken from a blog)
So when Istanbul was suddenly added to the itinerary of my trip to Izmir, Turkey, the voice seemed to ring louder in my mind.Being a Piscean, trusting intuition and hearing 'voices from within' comes naturally to me and I had every reason to believe in it. I wasn't expecting unearthly emotions...or may be I was.

However, it was a moment less than ordinary when I finally stood inside the mosque. I couldn't feel anything; there was no emotion. Disappointed, I tried seeking an answer to this blankness. The reply I heard from 'the voice' didn't quite answer my question but made Istanbul more intriguing than before. It is even more special to me now.  

You need not 'hear voices' or get intuitions to visit Istanbul. If you think it is this mesmerizing place that will leave you in its awe for days, weeks, may be years, you are right in thinking so. It's exactly as breathtaking as you imagine it to be. 

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