Good Times Bad Times

Just cleaned a lot of dust and cobwebs that gathered on this I open the doors after a long time. 3 months is a long time. Not that I wrote here very regularly before but this time I kept away from it for long. Why, these 3 months have been 'the best of times and the worst of times'.

It's funny how when we look back at things...the bad times somehow amuse us while the good ones make us emotional and perhaps bring a tear or we crave for more. The bad ones certainly make us stronger; good ones keep us going...and it's cocktail of the two that gives us the high and we learn to celebrate life. Or do we?

It takes double disaster to wash away several lives in Japan...for us to tell ourselves that life is indeed short. That the world might actually end in 2012! That we should start implementing 'live for today' philosophy. Yet, the very next day we sleep grumpy cause India lost to South Africa (It was indeed a very disappointing.)...or because your boss gave you a hard time or because you couldn't write what you initially intended to.

Good times will keep flowing as will the bad. The party depends on how well you mix the cocktail.    

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Alcina said...

So very true.I agree with the mixture you described.

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