I, Me, Myself...

"I wasn't running... I was walking;
I wasn't yelling... I was only talking
Speaking out my mind-
Nothing wrong in that
And anyway I am always right!

I am the king/queen of universe
Hear from me the rule of thumb
World's a big bad place to live
Louder you shout, the mightier you become

SHOUT & SCREAM at the drop of a hat
And let 'em hear you loud
Or who would know of your presence
And how will your battles be fought??

Intensity is very important
So maintain a frown on your face
Ridicule others if you please but
Smiling is a sign of disgrace.

Trust no one here there's malice in one and all...
Even if you can't climb the success ladder
At least you can make the other fall
Fight. That's what you were born for

To win, see everything in black & white
There's nothing called essential goodness of mankind.
Mark my words -- there's nothing wrong in this
Anyway I am always right!..."

P.S.: This poem is a satire on what I am currently seeing around (in a place full of people full of themselves!). Inflated egos, uproars n shouts, blame games and long complain mails...Okay we are not living in a Gandhian era so a humble meek is not what you can be but is this (above poem) a success mantra really? If yes, I want you to define success please... Peace out and take a deep breath! World's not such a horrible place to be in ;)

pic courtesy: Deviant Art


Anonymous said...

you're awesome as i said....

compli k said...

its so true anyways i am always right

if the world is dictated by such souls u can do nything bt get stiffled and its hard to c world in nything but pessimism .
so having said that i think its quite a hilarious way of remindin that this is nt whr v belong...

Anonymous said...

..is it self realisation or anguish of living in world driven by money alone. But the crux is that we all are part of this vicious circle.

Kanika Chandra said...

the thing ppl alwayz forget is dat "I am alwayz rite" does not necessarily mean dat "u r wrong". If dey'd just remember it, d world wouldn't b all dat a cynical place 2 b in.
But, since it's Diwali, let's b all happy & bright & hope against hope ;)

Anonymous said...

hey its a pleasure to find my blog listed here.

Good blog u've got.

Eddy said...

Your poem reflects the society as it is in a very shrewd manner. I admire it. It's the classic debate between Thrasymachus and Socrates as given in Plato's republic and you have presented it in the most beautiful way. Thank You.

Eddy said...

Sorry for posting twice... didnt know about the approval process.

Meghaa said...

This poem is nothing but the truth and whole truth... And its the fact that I am always right

Indrajit said...

Ya such is the world today.. i don't want to sound cynical, but money is a catalyst for everything and my regret 'is money everything'?

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