You Sang To Me

Nothing could have prepared her for this moment. This was it. Finally.

She has been dreaming about it day and night. Combing her wavy tangled hair, standing in front of mirror, staring at the ceiling at 3 am, waiting patiently at bus stop -- she'd think of the best way to react to this one moment. Normally, eyes turn watery when you suddenly receive something you've been carving for, she thought. May be laughing away to glory and resting her burdened head on his shoulder was a better way to express? How about pretending that what she was seeing in his eyes was totally unexpected? huh...she'd often smile or sheepishly slap and force herself back to work.

Her wait was over. He was back after 2 long years and still longer 8 months. It would not have been so had she not discovered, soon after he left, a void impossible to fill. She wasn't aware but perhaps, he had been doing so for the 2 years they knew each other. Not that she saw him and spoke to him everyday. But he was there...always.

He walked in wearing a big smile and a white check shirt, blue jeans and shoes, complementing his tall, well-built body. A personality pleasantly different from what she had last seen.

She never thought he had flattering looks. But then she had never looked at him flatteringly ever. He was always there...somewhere. A good friend of hers, like many others.

That was then. And this was now. She had seen 'it' at last. They were always meant for each other. So what if it took some time for her to realize that. She couldn't take her eyes off him, as the smile on her face and drops in her eyes grew bigger.

"Wow, you look beautiful," she thought he'd say.

"Hey gorgeous! missed ya so much," he said in a disturbingly friendly voice.

Pointing towards her he continued, "This is my life..." pointing to the woman standing besides her he added "...and she'll soon be my wife." She heard him loud that she had to let out a cry.

Nothing could have prepared her for this moment either. This was it, finally... Or was it?

Should she win her love back? Can you really win love? May be it was just not meant to be...


Atul Vishwanathan said...

you are crowned tragedy queen

Purva said...

i take that as a compliment :)

Maddy said...

I somehow dont believe in love that is not mutual. We all want to love and be loved. Love, when not reciprocated, dies. Time frames might vary from person to person. depends on how long it takes for your bruised ego to heal. But eventually, we all move on!

Reminds me of lines from an old hindi song:
Sach mere yaar hainBas wohi pyaar hainJiske badle mein koi toh pyaar deBaki bekaar hain, yaar mere

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