A walk to remember

It's the perfect weather to enjoy a long tiring walk. Roads are clear...so is the sky. The breeze is fragrant or is it my hair that are silky today cause they were washed today? There is relatively less traffic -- it's a Saturday. So no auto/bus/bike/car, I go back home walking today.

The service lane is too narrow to make space for arrogant gigantic cars, mischievous motorbikes, reckless college students and lost souls like me too. Others mights still accommodate, wanderers like me should have separate boulevards. Anyway. Have to bear with this rush only for about a kilometer before i find some peac..."kahan jaana hai madam" - the considerate autowallah.

Nowhere. Seriously. Let me be, please. I see a familiar face approaching. I choose to ignore and pretend I din't see. I wouldn't want anyone to accompany me unless it was you. But you ruthless bugger. You are a bigger dreamer than I am. You'd not like to leave those stars and walk with me on paths that I choose. One day you will. Till then I see my feet taking me one step closer to the beauty of everything around.

The flowers here aren't very pretty but look aesthetic, juxtaposed against dark n light green leaves. The man sleeping under the tree must be a day labourer who just gave up after struggling through a long day. Or may be a useless unemployed soul who drank too much. Must be fun sleeping like that.

I sense a very eerie pride in some cars that speed by - the red Esteem, brown Pajero, blue Suzuki, off-white Corolla and black Skoda. Cycles are innocent but have low IQ, it seems. Go berserk anytime. Bikes are bikes - dreamers like me. And pedestrians are irritants as most of them are walking to reach somewhere, therefore, missing to see how happy trees on the way are; to hear the call of wind; to feel the grief of the big monument that stands unnoticed or under-noticed.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said, "The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. "


Anonymous said...

Your blogs always seem reflective of a search of some kind...it seems that in some way, your life is incomplete.
Even this blog speaks the same tone, as your previous other entries.
Life is good, perhaps you should stop searching for happiness so much - it is all within.

purvabhatia said...

thanks for your words of wisdom... Your anonymity, however, encourages another search!
Life is indeed good...I've never thought otherwise. The insatiable search makes it more interesting not sad..may be a little intense.

Happy Living

Anonymous said...

That is good to know...but who is he whom you seek out so often in your thoughts and dreams?
Imaginary or real?

purvabhatia said...

Real in my imaginary world :)
Btw does it matter?

Ankit Gupta said...

nice 'TUX' pic

dunno feel all that u said is imaginable, remember all ideas of 'creating fiction fr thinking' is derived fr somebdy's life...

ur last para is for those who want to draw some positive from delhi's traffic ...philosophy to extremes ;)

Keep Blogging

satish said...

hmmmm, there can be nothing like a walk to have a word wid yourself.life is beautiful everywhere, just keep smilin n keep walkin

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