To meet and part...

This was some summers ago...
When bright was the sun of love,
I were you and he was me.
We peaced by the shadowy tree.
The shadow shadowed my illusions
And blinded me away from real.
They were untrue to me...
You have lying eyes.

For the mom'nt was to last forever,
They told me, but
Were you or is Time a great prankster?
I cried. I wailed. I prayed
To get back that summer sun
Vain. You were to never return.

And this is some summers hence...
You are me and I am he
Life has taken a full circle and,
Tables have turned around for me
Trust, it's easy to be indifferent
There was no love
Only the sun had shone bright
But fault is not yours
Fault is not mine...

It happened to you
Cause it happened to me
Some may call it revenge
For others it is..destiny...
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