Har Custom Message Kuch Kehta Hai

Whether you see a Green dot, red dot or a yellow
Read not just name but also the message given below

It could be a message not to be missed
or an announcement that
the person has just been kissed

Reflection of a person's mood
or invitation to have good food;
a line that could make you laugh
few words that could pinch you in heart

From spirtituality to greetings;
About dates and important meetings;
About summer, winter, rains and fall
Gtalk custom messages say it all

Googling is a part of our daily routine, isn't it? And so is chatting on gtalk... Even if I do not find time to chat, I do sign in and put 'busy' sign infront of my name. And with that I also place some custom message which need not everytime make sense. So is the case with everyone on my gtalk list. It amuses me to see how creative some of my friends get. We sometimes chat through the messages. Leg-pulling and repartees are common. I sometimes use lines to taunt some deserving people. Some use it as a medium to you of the books and money they had lent. Some mesaages are worth being discussed over the cups of tea at chai-kitli. Here are some categories of mesaages I have come across.


Good Morning people!


I am a star twinkling in the sky

is cooking cookies and you cant have any

Going, going, gone :
A for academics;B for beer-One of those reasons is why I'm not here. So leave a message

From one corner of the office to other:

kisi ko chai peeni hai?


going to jhumritalayia on 5th!!!


aaj main upar...aasmaan neeche....


The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.

And contemplative

is wondering why the earth is spinning....


Ravi said...

A very informative article :)

By the way what's ur line??

Take care :)

Ravi (a reader of your blog)

Ankit Gupta said...

a gud collection of one-liners esp.
kisi ko chai peeni hai?

nice :)

The Acid Tongue said...

We guys do that too!
and all the time.

My current line is : "Oye, ek baar spotlight ko dekh ke screen ko dekhiyo :P"

purvabhatia said...

my lines are often a gathering of words that do not make sense :)

@Ankit...thanks AG :)

@ Acid Tongue
m sure all gtalkers use it to express their feelings :P

Ravi said...

Okies! I just wanted 2 know what's your current line...anyways never mind!

Take care!

NERDSCORE.. datsharini4ya said...

hey gr8 ones der...roock on... n chk mine out too wen u can....lookin frwd 2 more

Nidhi Sharma said...

Nice.....never thought of this! Sometimes when I feel then only I go through them.........but it feels great to go through them!

Richa said...

heyy...dat is a totally rocking post...luv u n ur style of writing...n i so totally agree wth the title....my status msgs alwz define my thots...keep it up..!!

S Ramanathan said...

nice one liners
keep blogging..:)

Pensativo said...

LOL ..out and out funny [:p]

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