She was denied a life....(Female foeticide)

Prabhuji mein tori binti karoon
Paiyan Paroon bar bar
Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Dije
Narak Dije Chahe Dar...

Oh, God, I beg of you,
I touch your feet time and again,
Next birth don't give me a daughter,
Give me Hell instead... --An old Folk Song From Uttar Pradesh

Female foeticide is an extreme manifestation of violence against women. Here I share my poem on the appalling practise of female foeticide.

From a few months,
Inside a woman's womb dwelled a little life.
lying there with tiny hands and her little feet,
she had just begun to breathe
With little lips she smiled,
She was looking forward to live a life.
as she lay there looking at the outside world so bright,
she had decided many things: in her tiny little mind......
inside whom she lay todayshe'll call that woman her 'mother'
from inside she could see her dad
also, she was to have an elder brother.
who would sometimes tease her away
she'll climb her father's shoulders
she'll play with her grandfather all day
She’ll play with dolls, her toys
And fiddle with daddy’s keys..
She’ll go to sleep
Listening to her granny’s lullabies.
she'll bring with her lot of joys n happiness
and would be showered with lot of love
she'll be treated like a princess
and like a little angel sent from above....
suddenly something happened
her little dreams were all shattered.
What did she just hear?
Why was her little heart was filled with fear?
All her imaginations
Were torn apart
How could a mother be so cruel?
How could a father take a decision so harsh?
Her existence wasn’t considered necessary
For being a part of the beautiful world…
perhaps all this was only,
Because she was to be a girl…
She started shouting and started yelling
She wanted to live-is what she was telling
But nobody heard; nobody cared
The silent screams of this unborn child
Were so easily muted
By the surgeon’s knife..
when even God had willed it...
why was the 'girl' denied of living a life?
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