Being a woman

Being a woman..

"I don't know how it is but she has the power
She can make me laugh when I wanna cry
She tells me that I'm in control but I know it's just a lie"

These are the lines of a lovely song by Lionel Richie and Enrique titled -"to love a woman". I really love this song. probably because i love being a woman!

Harassment, sexual violence, eve teasing, mental tensions- too much for being the 'fairer sex'; albeit the joys of being a woman may overshadow these! i remember during one of our value education classes- back in school we were asked to write advantages of being a woman and those of a man. we easily enlisted benefits a man has but found serious limitations in the other case. the only advantage i remember that we 13 years old thought was having the power to produce a life. Surely that would the most beautiful aspect of being a woman..but is that all?
Many years have passed...and in these many years i have discovered what a great privilege it is to be called just that...being the individual I am and being the woman I am. and I feel very proud of being one. and if today i am given the same assignment again i can surely please my teacher by listing loads of glories of being a woman!
Woman- is a proof that God extends forgiveness to the world lost in confusion...
woman- with a caress can make a pauper believe that he is a king!
A woman- is a daughter; a sister; she's a wife, a mother, a friend, a lover, a mate.....all in a lovely package
Its amazing how a woman is so wonderfully loving and caring. her serenity and endurance is even more amazing. a woman can bear it all and still come out smiling..a woman even manages to love the jerks who give her all the tears!
other perks of being a woman is our ability to shop for hours, we can cry, we can be dumb and still be cute.....!!
a woman is a perfect mix that makes men go weak kneed. sensuality combined with nurturing; mischiefs coupled with immense care; vivacity mixed with quiet understanding.. a woman surely is a heady mix....the best creation of almighty.
I claim and celebrate my being in this world as WOMAN -- with woman values and woman views, woman blood and woman heart and woman soul.

Here's a humorous piece i came across - Benefits of being a woman


Pushkar Raj Sharma said...

Beauties Are worst then Wines it Intoxicates both the Holder and the Beholder.

You are certainly not the Wine.

ashok said...

the best line -- "we can cry, we can be dumb and still be cute.....!!"
how true..

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