The 90 years young man

Whenever life throws you on to a roller coaster, something amazing happens. The ride seems thoroughly bumpy but then that brings the excitement. And in the middle of everything there is a moment of ecstasy. A moment of fulfillment that makes the ride worthwhile. I found my moment a few months ago when I got an opportunity to turn into a biography writer. It brought with several inspiring thoughts.

A son had this beautiful idea of documenting his father's life (who was turning 90) in a book. He got in touch with me through a friend and there I was interviewing 'Darji' for the book. After innumerable sessions with him and his family in three months, I gained wonderful insights not just about Darji's life but about life in general. Spirited, witty, sharp, Darji is mighty young at heart. While the entire book shares his witty and wise thoughts, I wanted to share a glimpse of it through this blog. Take a moment, read these carefully and ponder over these motivating and inspiring thoughts:

  • Motivate and appreciate others: if you like something in a person, do not hesitate to tell him/her. He recalls a bus ride he took some years ago on a mountainous terrain. It was a very difficult route. He saw a note written on the back of a seat in the bus: If you like the driving skills, praise the driver. “Before getting down the bus I told the driver ‘beta you drive quite well’. I believe whenever you appreciate something and get a chance you must praise people.” 
  • Avoid taking loans. Never buy a shop on credit. Quotes a Punjabi saying: Pehle saal chatti, duje saal hatti, teeje saal khatti. (A rough translation: you spend during the first year; set up shop in the second, and earn profit only in the third year.) 
  • Don’t be harsh with others. Think how you would feel if the other person behaved like that with you.
  • Stop blaming your luck for anything you did not achieve. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. Himmat-e-marda toh maddad-e-khuda.
  • Do not break anyone’s heart. Live fully. God is there to help and guide you.
  • Pray
  • Glass half full: People who always dwell on the bad things in life have very little chance of being young at heart. You have to learn to look at the positive side, and that starts with being aware that pessimism isn’t going to help you. 
  • Troubles will come whether you laugh at them or cry; might as well laugh. 
  • Don’t be jealous of others. Wish others well. These days, people get jealous if their neighbours or people around them succeed. “That is a wrong attitude. Find joy in other’s happiness and you too will prosper.” 
  • Exercise: You just need to move your body. It could be walking, gardening or yoga.
  • Travel. Anyone who has ever gone anywhere will tell you that travelling is one of the most exciting and life-changing activities that you can do. Observing a different culture will expand your mind while making you further appreciate the life you already live. “Be curious.”
  • (My favourite): Don’t be shy of showing your enthusiasm when something excites you.
  • “Go to a good doctor even if it means spending more.”
  • As age catches up, teeth are the first thing to bear the damage. His original teeth are all intact. “Brush your teeth every morning and in the night. Even at the slightest pain go and see your dentist.”
  • Live in the present. There is no point harping over how good old times were and how difficult life is today. “I feel life is much more convenient today with so many facilities available.”

Found any of the advice/thoughts inspiring or motivating? Write to me and let me know!


Aditi said...

That's amazing ... not just what you have shared, which is ofcourse insightful but that you are penning down the life of another. Kudos and best of luck for this opportunity.

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