Being Purva: What's in a name?

For Shakespeare, rose would have been the same even if it were called anything else. What's in a name, he said. I do not know if I would have been any different were I known as Purvi and not Purva. But what I do believe is I possess some characterstics because I am Purva.

I read somewhere: "psychologist say that women with more feminine names are better at jobs like nursing & a person with manly name like Hank will be more successful as a builder." I believe names (rather the meanings) have a strong bearing on one's personality.

Purva means cool breeze flowing from the east -- the direction from which the sun appears to rise. Coming from that direction (which has something that removes darkness), gives me a positive outlook and confidence of brightening up the place I am in.

Breeze cannot be held in one place, making me a restless soul. I like to call myself a wanderer--wandering in search of .....something I am unaware of! I love to get 'lost'! (which is a common occurence thanks to my extremely poor sense of direction).

While there are lot of other traits similar to the meaning of my name, I would not write all here. I like these lines written by Rabindranath Tagore....I can identify with them really well:

"I AM restless. I am a thirst for far-away things.
My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance.
O Great Beyond, O the keen call of thy flute!
I forget, I ever forget, that I have no wings to fly,
that I am bound in this spot evermore."


anand said...

There is one more theory about names. What parents name their children represents what they want them to be in future. I guess your parents wanted you to be a wanderer, thats why they named you Purva.

virender vyas said...

i don't remember wen was the last time sm1
called me by my name . probably sm 10 yrs back .Seriously!. that too to avoid the pandemonium cozd by two students with same sir names in a class. All these years i'm pondering over the question " whats in a name ?" .
generally when i look at a person i try guessing the name of that person :) .
"This person shud be having name madhu with his curly hair on his head ( jus an illogical expression my mind evaluates )"
and its true with an amzing accuracy . So somehow i feel the name is smtime reflected as a part of your personality .
But what name by which you are reffered the most or the name u write on most application forms ?
I don't look like my name Virender ( is it my name :) )
and the names people have given me don't have any meaning( vinny , veeru , blah blah )
So wats in a name ?:)

Nitu said...

We are all wanderer..sometimes looking for answers to an unknown soul in the known context or a known soul in unknown context..Blessed is your name..Keep waving..

n.g. said...

fosla is funny

Anonymous said...

name , u r talking about??
well,kumar and anand keep clashing against each other in my case, both having their own characteristics ... so is it that i carry a dual personality with me ??? --- i sometimes ponder, like you, over what little events and ordinary things in life ... but fail to smash and reconstitute them into new meanings, like you do, so comfortably ... kudos for these writings .. good job, keep up! :)

gurpreet said...

well! hi purva,

Before u get get to begin reading what i think about your archives i fee i must tell and commend for ur nice piece of writting n a grt selections of abstracts that u use in to describe u sense of personality n ur percptions.....thats good

I 'll very much agree this blessed world of Wanderer we all are wanderers in this world i have written a novel on the same..and it gives me a please to tell you i really like your piece of writting

Good luck n happy writtng

Hope to hear frm you
you can mail me on

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