Unspoken words...

Words unspoken, but not unheard
Subtle gestures spoke more than words

Two hearts willing to love
..in between many silent words.

Silence- etched deep in hearts,
Though extremely close, were miles apart

Restless emotions but wordless feelings
Words now lost their meaning

Raging emotions desperate to be seen
Finding no way...mute they had been

But eyes not numb, they said it all
And in the unbroken silence, love began to crawl

Words suddenly hovering, when eyes met
But the language of silence chosen instead

Not said but not quite unheard.....
Between you and me- thousand unsaid words..

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Anonymous said...

although i dunno how to appreciate poetry as sublime as this one..but wud say that.. are u aware of the talent hidden in the reservoir of ur grey matter..after reading it i thought how ppl can make words, otherwise as light as air & devoid of life, feel so lively and meaningful..u hav made words dance to ur tunes & epitomize ur pure and holy thoughts..i am impressed..Kunal Bhatia "the dude"

grenade said...

The Silence is soothing if the eyes glitter
Else it kills without a scratch, but a thousand cuts.


sunshine said...

lovely!! keep it flowing!!

_ScOrPiOn_ said...

Hey dis one z realy vry nice..
frm d depths.. one coud feel it cmpletly..if reads proprly..nways.
i got to ur blog thru Orkut...
Bdw.. ths z Mohit

Ashok said...

i havent read much poetry so dunno how gud urs is from dat angle... but i really really enjoyed urs a lot... those moments in love wen words lose their meaning hav been expressed beautifully.... keep it up...

StandbyMind said...

Nice man!!
'Thousand unsaid words!!"

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